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Annotated Bibliography

Computers and Technology

Goodman, S. (2003). Teaching youth media. A critical guide to literacy, video production, and social change. New York: Teachers College Press
A book that explores the power of using media education to help urban teenagers develop their critical thinking and literacy skills. Of special interest is a discussion of the role of afterschool programs and media literacy.

Making the MOST of Out-of-School Time: Technology's Role in Collaboration (1997). Wellesley, MA: National Institute for Out-of-School Time.
This paper suggests ways that communities can use technology to develop networks that support out-of-school time activities. The paper includes a listing of national technology resources related to the issue of children's out-of-school time.

Morton, J. G. (1998). Kids on the 'net. Portsmouth: Heinemann.
This is an easy-to-use guide to help explore the potential of the internet in education. The writer, a classroom teacher, describes how she integrated computers with a variety of projects, and how this supported her students' literacy and thinking abilities.