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Annotated Bibliography


Cooper, C. R., Denner, J., & Lopez, E. M. (1999). Cultural brokers: Helping latino children on pathways toward success. The future of children. When school is out, 09, 02, published by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation. 51-57.
An article that identifies the values and challenges of Latino immigrant youth and articulates how staff at community centers, particularly young adult staff, can serve as cultural bridges between the home community and other community institutions.

Ladson-Billings, G. (1994). The dreamkeepers. Successful teachers of African-American children. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.
An in-depth ethnographic study of several teachers of different ethnicities who are considered successful teachers of African-American children. The author identifies what are common characteristics of these teachers, and of what culturally-relevant teaching consists.

Lee, E., Menkart, D., and Okazawa-Rey, M. (eds.) (1998). Beyond heroes and holidays: A practical guide to K-12 anti-racist, multicultural education and staff development. Washington, D.C.: Network of Educators on the Americas.
This is a valuable book filled with essays and articles, staff development and training ideas, curriculum and activities on the topic of how to create a learning environment that respects and celebrates diversity. In addition, the text includes ways of incorporating issues of diversity and equity into content areas such as mathematics and science and how to incorporate the uses of technology.