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Annotated Bibliography

Staff Development and Training

Core competencies for youth workers. Networks for Youth Development. The Fund for the City of New York. To order: (212) 925-6675.
A booklet that lists the "skills, knowledge, and personal attributes" that youth workers need. This list was developed by members of the Network for Youth Development, a group of youth programs in New York. The competencies may be used as a guide when designing training and staff development for youth workers.

Christian, S. and Tubesing, N. L. (1997). Instant icebreakers. 50 powerful catalysts for group interaction and high-impact learning. Duluth, MN: Whole Person Associates, Inc.
Understanding group process is key to successful professional development activities. This book provides a plethora of icebreakers that help to introduce group members, build group cohesion, and promote self-awareness. A great book to have in a staff developer's toolbox.

Hill, S. (2000). A tale from the youth field. Using stories to understand community-based youth programs. Afterschool Matters, 01, 01.
An article that describes and analyzes an experience between a volunteer at an afterschool program and a little girl who is having trouble at school. The article identifies some key issues in the "tale," which can help to understand salient features across afterschool programs.

Hill, S., Ingalls, S., Lawrence, A., Shevin, J. and Townsend, L. (1995). Supporting Community Learning: A Staff Development Guide for After School Youth Education Programs. New York: Institute for Literacy Studies, Lehman College, CUNY.
A collection of staff development workshops designed for youth practitioners in after school programs. The workshops cover topics such as reading, study strategies, integrating literacy and the arts and program assessment. Narratives by workshop facilitators describe how workshops were developed, and describe actual workshop activities with youth educators. Includes resources and bibliographies.