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Supporting Organizations

Development Without Limits

The mission of Development Without Limits is to provide dynamic and challenging learning experiences for young people and adults. Development Without Limits works with community-based organizations, afterschool and summer programs, schools, and other educational institutions in developing curriculum and training staff.

National Institute on Out-of-School Time (NIOST)

The Mission of the National Institute on Out-of-School Time (NIOST) is to ensure that all children, youth, and families have access to high quality programs, activities, and opportunities during non-school hours. Their work bridges the worlds of research and practice.

The Harvard Family Research Project

The Harvard Family Research Project's work strengthens family, school, and community partnerships and early childhood care and education, promotes evaluation and accountability, and offers professional development to those who work directly with children, youth, and families. The audiences for HFRP's work include policymakers, practitioners, philanthropists, and concerned individuals.

The Institute for Not-for-Profit Management (INM)

The Institute for Not-for-Profit Management (INM) at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business was founded in 1975. Since its inception, INM has graduated over 1,700 executives, from over 600 organizations and has conducted customized programs for over 20 organizations. INM provides intensive management development programs to senior and mid-level executives of not-for-profit organizations. INM's objective is to significantly increase the managerial capacity of not-for-profit and public agencies so that they can better serve their constituents. INM programs emphasize the importance of deploying resources strategically to fulfill agencies' missions. Because the environment in which these organizations operate is severely resource-constrained and highly competitive, the perspective and tools we give our participants are essential to their agencies' survival and success. Senior and mid-level managers enroll from every field of nonprofit service: social services, community development, youth services, education, healthcare, arts and culture, advocacy, environmental preservation, and philanthropy. Participants represent agencies of all sizes and stages of organizational development—start-up, expansion, maturity and consolidation. Approximately 75% of all participants require tuition assistance to attend INM programs. This support is allocated on the basis of agency need. Currently INM holds the following open enrollment programs: Executive Level Program, Middle Management Program, Middle Management Program for Youth Service Organizations, and Leadership Development Program.

The Promising Practices in Afterschool ("PPAS") System

The Promising Practices in Afterschool (or "PPAS") System is an effort to find and share things that are working in afterschool programs. The PPAS website is for afterschool program directors who want to improve the quality of their programs.